Federal regulations require all institutions to provide specified information to prospective and current students, staff, and the general public. Listed below are those items that must be available for review per federal regulations.

The federal Higher Education Act, the federal Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA), and regulatory guidance provided in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) require direct individual notices of prescribed information to certain target audiences including prospective students, currently enrolled students, current employees, parents, coaches and counselors of prospective student-athletes, and the general public. Disclosures are to include crime/security statistics, student completion/graduation rates, FERPA privacy/security rights, financial aid program information, and gender-specific information on athletic participation and financial support.

Financial Aid – To find out more about the financial aid available to students, go to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office’s website.

Student Privacy Rights – To learn about how UC Berkeley protects your right to the privacy of your confidential educational records, view the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) page on the Office of the Registrar Website. 

Accreditation – UC Berkeley is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). For complete information on institutional and program accreditation, visit the UC Berkeley Accreditation website.

License and Certification — University of California Berkeley programs for professions that require licensure or certification are intended to prepare the student for California licensure and certification requirements. Admission into programs for professions that require licensure and certification does not guarantee that students will obtain a license or certificate. Licensure and certification requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with the University of California and licensure and certification requirements can change at any time.

The University of California Berkeley has not determined whether its programs meet other states’ educational or professional requirements for licensure and certification. Students planning to pursue licensure or certification in other states are responsible for determining whether, if they complete a University of California program, they will meet their state’s requirements for licensure or certification. This disclosure is made pursuant to 34 CFR §668.43(a)(5)(v)(C).

Degree Programs – For a complete list of programs at UC Berkeley, go to the Academic Departments and Programs website.

Instructional Facilities and Labs – Class information, including instructional facilities and labs, can be found on the Berkeley Academic Guide’s Class Schedule.

Faculty – Current faculty lists are grouped by academic department and program and can be found on the Academics page of the Berkeley website under relevant departments.

Services for Disabled Students – For information on services available to disabled students, visit the Disabled Students’ Program website.
Cost of Attendance – Information on the cost of attendance at UC Berkeley can be found on the Cost of Attendance page on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website. For tuition and fee charges, see the Tuition & Fees page of the Office of the Registrar website.

Refund Policy – For information regarding the university’s refund policy, go to the Refunds After Withdrawal page on the Office of the Registrar’s website. The refund policy for summer terms is published by Berkeley Summer Sessions. 

Return of TIV Financial Aid – For information about requirements for the return of financial aid funds when a student withdrawals from school, go to the Withdrawing from School page of the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office website. For summer, go to the Canceling, Withdrawing, or Dropping Courses dropdown on the Summer Aid/Frequently Asked Questions page.

Satisfactory Academic Progress – Requirements for satisfactory academic progress for students on financial aid are found on the Satisfactory Academic Progress page of the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office website.

Student Concerns and Complaints – Students who encounter challenging behaviors or difficult interactions on campus regarding academic, student services or conduct issues can find information and assistance via the Ombuds Office website.

Campus Security Report – The campus security report for current and previous years is viewable on the UC Police Department website.

Graduation/Completion Rates – Campus graduation rates can be found in the Undergraduate Profile and Graduate Profile documents are available on the Office of Planning and Analysis website. For reported graduation information to the U.S. Department of Education, see the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) at the College Navigator website. 

Athletics – Information on the participation rates and financing of UC Berkeley’s intercollegiate athletic programs may be found at the U.S. Office of Postsecondary Education website.

Study Abroad – Information about approved for credit study abroad programs and financial aid considerations can be found on the Study Abroad website.

Teaching Credential Passage Rates – To view the credential passage rates for UC Berkeley, see the Commission on Teacher Credentialing Data and Reports website.

Constitution Day – The UC community pauses on September 17 to commemorate the drafting of its Constitution. For more information, see the UC Constitution Day website. 

Voter Registration – Information on voter registration in California can be found on the State of California website.