Certification Process

You must request certification for each semester you intend to use your benefit via your Cal Central account (My Dashboard tab > Student Resources > Submit a Form > VA Enrollment Certification Request link).

Veterans Benefits begins the certification process one to two months prior to the beginning of the semester to increase the likelihood that you will receive your benefits at the start of the semester.

To be certified for benefits you must:

  • Have no active financial or enrollment holds on your account (viewable on the “My Academics” page of CalCentral).
  • Submit an enrollment certification request 

What to Expect After Certification

Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) Students

  • An email from the VA to your UC Berkeley email address confirming your certification. This will indicate the number of units certified. Contact veteranservices@berkeley.edu if the units certified are not correct.
  • If you are certified more than four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, you should expect your initial Housing Allowance payment on the first day of the month after instruction begins. You should also expect your Book Stipend within two to three weeks of the beginning of the semester.
  • If you are certified less than one month before the beginning of the semester, or after the semester begins, it usually takes four weeks to receive your initial Housing Allowance payment and Book Stipend.
  • The VA to transmit your tuition and fee payments directly to UC Berkeley within four to six weeks.
  • Chapter 33 and Chapter 31 students can expect a VA award placeholder to be applied to your account by the Third Party Contracts office. This allows us to clear your applicable tuition/registration fees balance prior while we await the funds to arrive from the VA.

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