UC Student Association Fee (UCSA Systemwide Fee)

What is this systemwide fee?

In July 2021, the Regents approved the UC Student Association (UCSA) Systemwide Fee. It’s an annual opt-out fee of $7 per undergraduate student.

Funds for these fees are used to support the UCSA. The fees go into effect in Fall 2022.

What Does It Mean to Opt-Out?

Once a student has elected to opt-out of the fee, their opt-out status will remain in effect for the duration of their undergraduate career at the campus.

What Happens If I Transfer to a Different UC or Start A New Program?

Students will not be required to opt-out of the fee for each term or academic year but will be required to opt-out again when beginning a new academic career, such as a graduate program or transferring to a new UC campus.

What If I Want to Opt Back In?

A student may elect to reverse their opt-out status and begin paying the fee again. Any decision by a student to change their opt-out status will take effect at the start of the next academic term.

When is the Deadline to Opt-Out?

Students must opt-out before the end of the fifth week of instruction.

What If I Miss the Opt-Out Deadline?

Students who do not elect to opt-out of the fee by the opt-out deadlines will be billed $3.50 for the fee for that term. The opt-out will take effect for the subsequent terms.

Where Can I Learn More?

More information about the UCSA fee is available on the UCSA website. You can also read more about systemwide fees at the UC Office of the President.

Changing Your Status in CalCentral

A task in CalCentral allows students to elect to either opt-in or opt-out of these student association fees.

To change your status

  1. In CalCentral, go to My Dashboard.
  2. In the Tasks card, find the task called UC Student Association. The task may either be under the Incomplete tab, or under the Completed tab in the Student Tasks section.
  3. Open the task.


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